Reference Line

CD Transport
mbl 1621
D/A Converter
mbl 1611 F
mbl 6010 D
Mono / Stereo Power Amplifier
mbl 9008 A
Mono / Stereo Power Amplifier
mbl 9011

The REFERENCE LINE – as invaluable as your own time

Time has become precious in our ever more hectic world. Moments of quiet and contemplation are rare assets that need to be cherished.

This is why we make no compromises with our REFERENCE LINE. Each single moment that you spend with the Reference Line should be a moment of special pleasure – as unique as an evening in the concert hall.

Only when your stereo system proves an inexhaustible source of such irretrievable moments have we reached what we set out to do.

Musical enjoyment is our be-all and end-all. All technical aspects are subservient to the musical ideal. This is why we build the REFERENCE LINE to be what it is – uncompromisingly musical.

We want you to realise your dream of an authentic concert experience in your own living room. This is why we do our utmost on each and every level to meet your own and our own aspirations. Innovative technology, creative craftsmanship and superb materials fuse to produce the sound of perfection. Only in this way could the MBL REFERENCE LINE become what it undoubtedly is – the absolute high-end audio reference.

Because we think time is too valuable to be squandered with run-of-the-mill equipment. Your life, your enjoyment and your musical pleasure deserve only the best. And that’s why we’ve built the REFERENCE LINE.

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The Reference Line is our most high-end range of audio products, designed and developed with the expertise of our in-house engineering team. Each component is hand-built from start to finish to the highest standards in MBL’s own facilities near Berlin.

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