Produkt Line Corona

Corona Line

mbl C31
mbl C11
Integrated Amplifier
mbl C51
Stereo Power Amplifier
mbl C21
Mono Power Amplifier
mbl C15

The CORONA LINE – High end audio in its most beautiful form

MBL is well known for its innovativeness. And so when we developed the CORONA LINE we did not simply translate the familiar concepts from our large lines into a compact design.

Instead, we combined proven designs with innovations to create an entirely new line of high-end audio electronics.

We have taken a great step forward in amplifier design with our new ‘Linear Analog Switching Amplifier’ (LASA), which features an extremely low distortion level at all pitches and volumes.

Our USB converter technology has dethroned the conventional reference players of a number of product testing magazines. Our Corona CD player unites the world of CDs with computer files with unbelievable feeling. The CORONA LINE is not a smaller version of the “Noble Line”. It is far more and a step decisively ahead of its class.

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The Corona Line is a result of the technical innovations in electronics coming from the same team of engineers behind our world-renowned Reference Line. Hand-built in our own facilities near Berlin, the look and finish of each component conveys both strength and sensuality.

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